Shuliy Profile

Shuliy Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional wood processing machinery manufacturer and supplier, established in 2011, which specializes in the research and development of wooden toothpick and bamboo toothpick processing machinery. Our independently researched and developed main products include bamboo toothpick production line, disposable chopstick processing equipment, fully automatic wooden toothpick production line, round / cubic chopstick production line and a series of single processing equipment, such as sawing machine, slitting machine, knife sharpener, toothpick packaging machine, etc.

Shuliy company
Shuliy Company

Factory Workshop Display

After nearly ten years of development, we have gradually transformed from a small production workshop to a medium-sized professional toothpick equipment manufacturer. Now our factory has a strong production capacity, which can not only ensure that every order for each month is delivered on time but also ensures that there is a certain amount of inventory in the warehouse. We can also process customized toothpick machines according to customer needs.

Customer Visiting

Due to the reasonable price, advanced technology and high production efficiency of our toothpick making machine, our complete wood / bamboo toothpick production line and chopsticks production line have been exported to many countries and have created huge benefits for many toothpick producers. At present, our commercial toothpick machines have been exported to the Philippines, Nigeria, the United States, Tanzania, India, Nepal, Malaysia, Algeria, Cameroon, Egypt, France, Ghana, Ethiopia, Kenya, UAE, Peru, Russia, Indonesia, Congo, Somalia, Bangladesh Country and so on.

Customer visiting for toothpick machines
customer visiting for toothpick machines

What Can We Do For You?

  1. Communicate with customers and analyze their needs via Email, Tel, Whatsapp, Wechat or other instant message tools.
  2. Provide professional production technology solutions and recommend suitable equipment models.
  3. Estimate the customer’s return on investment cycle based on the customer’s budget and actual production.
  4. For different products and production lines, we can quote reasonable EXW, FOB, CFR or CIF prices accordingly.
  5. We can provide you with hassle-free delivery, detailed machine usage guidelines, installation, and maintenance guidance recommendations.