Turkey toothpick machines were shipped

Turkey toothpick machines were shipped

With the increasing use of toothpicks in life, its market demand is also increasing, which of course has also driven the development of toothpick machines.

BBQ bamboo sticks

How to make the bamboo sticks for the barbecue?

A barbecue stick is an essential accessory. The barbecue sticks can be made of iron, bamboo and wooden. Many investors always ask us this question: how to make the bamboo sticks for barbecue? Today, we Shuliy toothpick machinery will give the answers here.

toothpick use precustions advice from toothpick machine manufacturer

Dangers of incorrect use of toothpicks

Although toothpicks are widely used in daily life, in the production process of toothpicks, if you do not pay attention to hygiene, it will easily cause pollution to toothpick products. Therefore, in most toothpick processing factories, a good toothpick machine can not only improve production efficiency but also ensure the quality of the toothpicks.

various toothpicks made by toothpick making machine

What material is best for making toothpicks?

The toothpicks we use every day are made through a series of professional toothpicks processing equipment. Common toothpicks on the market are wooden toothpicks, bamboo

delicious toothpick meat

How to make toothpick meat?

Toothpick meat is a novel home-cooked dish. There are many types of toothpick meat, including toothpick beef, toothpick mutton, barbecue toothpick meat and so on.

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