A complete set of bamboo toothpick making machines are sold to Nigeria

Recently, we signed an order for a whole set of bamboo toothpick making machines with a customer in Nigeria. In addition to the complete bamboo toothpick production line, the customer also purchased a multi-function sharpener. We expect to ship to customers next month.

Details about the bamboo toothpick making machine

The bamboo toothpicks making machine is just a concise statement. In fact, making bamboo toothpicks is not completed by one or two machines, but requires a whole production line for processing.

In recent years, we have exported many toothpick processing equipment to Africa, including wooden toothpick machines and bamboo toothpick machines.

Bamboo toothpicks processing
bamboo toothpicks processing

The complete bamboo toothpick production line mainly includes bamboo sawing machine, dissection machine, bamboo sheets slicing machine, bamboo stick forming machine, bamboo stick sawing machine, toothpick set-size machine, toothpick polishing machine, toothpick sorting machine, and toothpick sharpening machine.

Why this Nigeria customer choose Shuliy bamboo toothpick machines?

The main purpose of the customer’s purchase of toothpick machines is to want to produce bamboo toothpicks on a small scale and sell them to various local restaurants and hotels.

The customer stated that there is no factory specializing in toothpick production in his hometown, and there is no corresponding equipment for processing toothpicks. Local toothpick products are mainly imported and expensive.

Complete toothpick machines are in stock
complete toothpick machines are in stock

Therefore, the Nigerian customer decided to invest in the toothpick production business and believed that this is a promising industry and can generate considerable profits.

When customers browse the information of the toothpick machine, they find that our machine’s production technology is very advanced and the production efficiency is very high.

After consulting a lot of information about the production of bamboo toothpicks, the customer had a clear understanding of toothpick processing. Soon, he said that he would cooperate with us and ordered a complete set of bamboo toothpicks processing machines.

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