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bamboo sawing cutter machine for sale

The automatic bamboo cutter(bamboo sawing machine) is the practical cutting equipment in the bamboo products processing plants. The bamboo cutting machine can be widely used in the bamboo toothpick production line to cut the original bamboo into a certain length, which is convenient for subsequent processing. The automatic bamboo chopping machine has a compact structure, strong practicability, and also has the function of automatic sorting.

Technical data of the bamboo sawing machine

NameSawing machine (Bamboo)
Size (mm)750*600*1300

Structural features of the electric bamboo cutter

The bamboo cutter machine has a compact structure and is mainly composed of a bracket, an automatic feeding device, a cutter plate, a clamping device, a motor, and a pulley transmission structure.

Bamboo chopping machine for making bamboo toothpicks
bamboo chopping machine for making bamboo toothpicks

How does the bamboo cutting machine work?

When the bamboo chopping machine is working, the original bamboo needs to be manually placed into the feeding device of the bamboo processing machine in turn.

As the feeding system continues to transport the bamboo forward, the high-speed rotating cutter of this automatic bamboo cutter will continue to cut the bamboo into segments of consistent length. The cut bamboo can be collected for the next processing step. The outer side of the cutter of the machine is covered by a metal shell, which can protect the operator from injury.

Bamboo chopping machine applications
Bamboo Sawing Machine Applications

Application advantages of the bamboo chopper machine

The blade of this bamboo chopping machine is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is sharp and durable and easy to replace. This machine adopts the principle of mechanical transmission, which saves time and effort. In addition, this electric bamboo cutting machine is widely used, not only for cutting bamboo but also for processing various woods. This bamboo cutting machine is only indispensable in the bamboo toothpick production line.