Bamboo Sheets Slicing Machine | Multiple Slicer

efficient bamboo sheets slicer machine

The automatic bamboo slicing machine, as well as the bamboo sheets(strips) slicer machine is the commonly used bamboo processing equipment in the bamboo toothpicks production line. This electric slicing machine can quickly peel off the outer skin and the bamboo joints inside of the sliced bamboo sheets. The peeled bamboo sheets can be further processed into toothpicks.

Technical data of the bamboo slicing machine

NameBamboo Slicing Machine
Size 1180*680*1100mm
Bamboo sheets slicer machine
bamboo sheets slicer machine

Main structure of the bamboo sheets slicer machine

The machine has a compact structure and high working efficiency. The slicing machine is mainly composed of a housing, a machine body, a motor, a horizontal cutter head, compaction, and a transmission device. The bamboo timber slicer machine mainly cuts bamboo slices into thinner bamboo slices and removes the smooth surface of the bamboo slices and bamboo joints, which facilitates the processing of toothpicks in subsequent sections.

When the bamboo sheets are placed in the machine’s inlet, the pair of rollers on the machine’s conveyor will quickly send the bamboo strips to the cutter. This horizontal cutter will quickly cut the bamboo sheets into three parts, and convey the cut bamboo sheets to the discharge port.

Features of the bamboo sheets slicing machine

  1. The structure design of the machine is reasonable, the appearance is beautiful, and the operation is safe and reliable.
  2. The bamboo slicer machine has high working efficiency, simple operation, convenient maintenance, and long service life.
  3. This bamboo strips slicing machine is an indispensable device in the production line of bamboo toothpicks.