Bamboo Slicer | Stripping | Dissection Machine

bamboo stripping machine

Bamboo slicer(bamboo dissection machine) is an indispensable machine in the bamboo toothpicks production line. The main function of the bamboo opener machine is to divide the complete bamboo into bamboo strips with a uniform width, which is convenient for the next process. According to the actual production needs, the electric bamboo stripping machine can cut the bamboo tubes of different diameters into bamboo slices of the same width by replacing the cutter heads with different numbers of blades.

Technical parameters of the bamboo dissection stripping machine

NameBamboo dissection machine
Dimension 3000*950*1200mm

Main structure of the bamboo stripping machine

The main structure of the automatic bamboo stripping machine includes a frame, a cutting device, a cutter, a feeding conveying device, a guide rail, a reduction motor, and wheels. The rack is equipped with a bamboo moving mechanism and a film opening mechanism in this order. A feeding mechanism fixed to a rack is provided beside the bamboo moving mechanism.

Working process of the bamboo stripping machine
working process of the bamboo stripping machine

A dust suction mechanism is arranged above the film opening mechanism. The dust suction mechanism includes a dust suction chamber corresponding to the position of the film opening mechanism, and a negative pressure generating device is arranged below the dust suction chamber.

A filter screen is provided between the negative pressure generating device and the dust suction chamber, and the inner wall of the dust suction chamber is also provided with a spiral air guide strip. The bamboo cutting device of the machine is mainly composed of multiple sets of blades. The blade body is provided with a cutting edge, and the blade body is further provided with a friction pattern on the side of the cutting edge.

How does the bamboo slicer machine work?

When using this bamboo dissection machine, we should start the power supply first. After the machine is started, its bamboo cutting device will be in a state of continuous rotation. At this time, the bamboo needs to be manually placed on the automatic feeding device of the machine. The device has a slot to hold the bamboo firmly. The feeding device will advance along the U-shaped guide rail and feed the bamboo into the cutting device. Under the action of a huge thrust, the bamboo tube is quickly cut into a sheet of uniform thickness when passing through the cutter.

Bamboo sheets made by the bamboo slicer
Bamboo Sheets Made By The Bamboo Slicer

Main features of the bamboo sheets making machine

1. The machine has a compact structure, a reasonable design, strong practicability, and high work efficiency.

2. The bamboo strip slicer can be adjusted with different cutting devices to adjust the width of the strip. There are 3, 4, 8, 10, 12 and 16 cutters on the cutting disc with different specifications.

3. The machine is easy to operate, safe and reliable, and has a fast film opening speed (each segment / 2-5 seconds). It can adapt to a bamboo tube length of 0.6-3 meters and a diameter of 20-220mm. This machine is energy-efficient and suitable for large-scale production in the field of bamboo processing.