BBQ Stick Polishing Machine

automatic BBQ stick polishing machine

This BBQ stick polishing machine is the commonly used polisher equipment for bamboo sticks and wood sticks. The barbecue sticks polishing machine can be used for removing the burrs on the wooden stick and make it smooth. This automatic polishing machine is the necessary equipment in the BBQ sticks production line.

Technical parameter of the barbecue stick polishing machines

NameBBQ Stick Polishing Machine
Large type polishing machine for making bbq sticks
Large Type Of Polishing Machine For Making Bbq Sticks

Brief description of the bamboo or wood sticks polisher

Different from the toothpick polishing machine, this stick polisher is mainly used for polishing all kinds of sticks used for barbecue, especially for the wooden sticks and bamboo sticks. The electric bamboo sticks polishing equipment is the new-designed type, which has a compact structure for efficiently used in the BBQ sticks processing plant.

It is mainly composed of the machine frame, motor, pulley transmission mechanism, the power switch, the bottom plate, the rocker mechanism and the polishing chamber(wooden box). This commercial wooden stick polishing machine has the same working principle as the toothpicks polishing machine.

How does the BBQ stick polishing machine work?

  1. Prepared the long barbecue sticks(wood sticks or bamboo sticks) for polishing first.
  2. Add these sticks into the three polishing chamber.
  3. Start the machine by pressing the switch button.
  4. These BBQ sticks will continuously shake and rub with each other.
  5. After 3-5 minutes, the polishing work of these barbecue sticks will be finished.