Dangers of incorrect use of toothpicks

Although toothpicks are widely used in daily life, in the production process of toothpicks, if you do not pay attention to hygiene, it will easily cause pollution to toothpick products. Therefore, in most toothpick processing factories, a good toothpick machine can not only improve production efficiency but also ensure the quality of the toothpicks.

Why are toothpicks contaminated?

According to a recent survey, the toothpicks currently on the market are mostly wooden and bamboo. During the recent unannounced visits to a number of restaurants, Consumer Council staff found that although some toothpicks were marked with “advanced toothpicks” and “high-temperature disinfection” on the outer packaging, most of them were “three non-products” and had no sanitary license number.  

Commercial wood toothpick production line
Commercial wood toothpick production line

Toothpick packaging and sterilization also failed to meet the requirements. Some were placed in the tray, and everyone took it with them. Some put the used toothpick back in the tray, so it was easy to cause contamination of the toothpick product.

What are the dangers of incorrect use of toothpicks?

The first is that toothpicks with poor disinfection and poor management are prone to disease. Toothpicks caught by anyone carry a variety of bacteria, so viruses can enter the body through toothpicks. According to the health department’s test, a small toothpick actually “hidden” tens of thousands of bacteria.

Secondly, the improper use of toothpicks will lead to periodontal disease. If there is no tooth plugging and random picking or improper use of toothpicks, it will cause gingivitis, gum atrophy, and increased interdental space, which will lead to periodontal disease. Therefore, do not force the toothpick into the interdental nipple area, because this will increase the gap between the teeth without gaps and cause periodontal disease.

Third, carelessness with toothpicks can be life-threatening. According to some stomatological hospitals, some patients accidentally swallowed a toothpick into their abdomen, punctured the small intestine, and removed it from the body after an emergency operation in the hospital, which almost lost their lives.