How to choose toothpicks? Using methods of toothpicks

Toothpicks, as a common tool in people’s daily life, are very practical for use in many aspects. There are usually various toothpick products in the market, so how do we choose a good toothpick product? And what are the correct ways to use toothpicks correctly? Senior toothpick maker manufacturers will tell you the answers here.

Main functions of toothpicks

Nowadays, nearly all countries will use toothpicks as a useful tool. Use the side edge of the toothpick to move along the toothpick can be used for scratching, and the tooth surface can be polished.

How to choose good toothpicks?

Choosing a good toothpick is very important for human health. Shuliy machinery summarized the following useful tips. Next, toothpick making machine suppliers will show you how to choose a good toothpick.

Bamboo toothpick making machine line
bamboo toothpick making machine line

1.The toothpick itself may have hidden dangers. To choose a toothpick from a regular toothpick machine factory. A small toothpick can carry thousands of bacteria if it does not meet hygienic standards during production and storage. Therefore, if people use such toothpicks to pick teeth, the germs can easily invade the human body and even infect people with some infectious diseases.

2. To pick a tooth, choose the right toothpick and use the correct method. Someone is anxious to get rid of their teeth after picking them up and pick whatever they want, such as a knife, match stick, tack, hair clip, etc. This is not only harmful to teeth and periodontal tissues but also increases the gap between teeth, causing more serious The condition of the plug.

3. The toothpick is hard, smooth, no burrs, flat cross-section or triangle is better, the tip is slightly thinner.

How to use a toothpick

The correct use of toothpicks can better protect our teeth while using toothpicks. So, here is the correct way to use toothpicks.

1. Use a toothpick once a day or after each meal.

2. When using a toothpick, the toothpick should enter between the teeth and gums at a 45-degree angle.

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