Stick Forming Machine | Round Stick Making Machine

commercial bamboo wood stick forming machine

This bamboo or wood stick forming machine is the practical round sticks making machine, which is specially used in the toothpick production line. This machine is similar in appearance to the bamboo sheets slicing machine, but their main functions are different. The bamboo or wood sheets that have been sliced will be cut into cylindrical sticks with this sticks forming machine.

Technical parameter of the wood or bamboo stick forming machine

NameStick Forming Machine
Size 1020*690*1050mm
Wood or bamboo sticks forming machine
wood or bamboo sticks forming machine

How does the sticks making machine work?

The main structure and working principle of this machine are basically the same as those of the bamboo sheets slicer machine, but their cutting devices are very different. The automatic cutting structure of the wood stick maker machine mainly includes sticks forming molds (cutting knives), transfer rollers, compaction rollers, transmission sprocket mechanisms, etc.

The raw materials used to make cylindrical sticks are the bamboo or wood sheets cut by a sheets slicing machine (approximately 70cm in length is appropriate). Put the wood or bamboo sheets into the inlet of the machine in turn, and then the roller will quickly transport the sheets into the sticks cutter for cutting.

The cutting process of bamboo or wood sticks is very fast and usually takes only a few seconds. The cut round sticks are discharged from the discharge port, and the sawdust generated during the cutting process will automatically fall into the ground below the machine.

Main features of the bamboo or wood stick forming machine

  1. This automatic bamboo sticks forming machine is the multifunctional equipment for making both the bamboo sticks and wood sticks. It is the necessary machine for making bamboo toothpicks on a large scale.
  2. For making toothpicks with different specifications, we can change with different cutting molds of this machine for getting the bamboo sticks with different diameters.
  3. This electric wood processing machine has high working efficiency, low power consumption, and it is easy to operate and maintain.