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electric wood bamboo stick sawing machine

This bamboo or wood stick sawing machine(set-size) is an efficient cutting machine for making the bamboo or wood sticks with an even length. This sticks sawing machine is very applicable in the toothpick processing plant for making bamboo toothpicks or wood toothpicks. After chopping, the cut short sticks will be further polished and sharpened by the next processing steps.

Bamboo sticks sawing machine technical data

NameBamboo stick set-size machine
Wood or bamboo sticks sawing machine
wood or bamboo sticks sawing machine

Structural features of the wood stick sawing machine

The structure of the bamboo or wood rods cutting machine is very simple. It is mainly composed of a stand, a motor, a cutter head, a movable operating table, a sizing device, and a feeding table. The electric stick cutting machine can be used to cut long round sticks into small patches of equal length, and the cutting length of the bamboo sticks can be adjusted by turning the baffle of the sizing device.

How to use this stick sizing machine?

Before using the machine, we need to arrange the wood or bamboo sticks to be cut in advance. Also, set the cutting length of the machine in advance. Then grab the sticks (about 15-20 sticks) and align one end of each stick. Next, turn on the power of the cutting machine to make the cutter rotate at a high speed. The operator should hold both ends of the stick in both hands to cut on the operation table.

Application advantages of the sticks set-size machine

  1. This electric cutting machine has wide applications for cutting all kinds of sticks, such as bamboo sticks, wood sticks, etc. And the cutting length of these sticks can be adjusted according to the customers’ requirements.
  2. The operation and maintenance method of this bamboo stick sawing machine is very easy, and the whole operating process is safe and efficient. This machine is one kind of important toothpick making machine.

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