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electric toothpick set-size machine

The short toothpick making machine(wood or bamboo toothpick set-size machine) is mainly used to cut the long sticks into small toothpicks with a certain length in the toothpick processing plant(production line). This bamboo or wood sticks cutting process is the most critical step in making toothpicks. And the toothpick sizing length can be decided by the users themselves.

Technical data of the toothpick set-size machine

NameToothpick set-size machine
Size 900*700*950mm
Toothpick set-size machine
toothpick set-size machine

How does the toothpick sizing machine work?

This efficient toothpick sizing machine has a reasonable and compact structure so that it has a beautiful appearance. The machine is mainly composed of three parts, namely the machine housing, the main body part, and the rotary cutting part. The main body includes the frame of the machine and a built-in motor. The machine’s rotary cutting device is composed of 6 sets of rotary card slots and a built-in cutter.

The raw materials used for cutting are mainly long bamboo or wood sticks processed after the first steps of the toothpick production line. When using the machine, workers should place the sticks in batches into the slots on the rotary cutter head of the machine. The card slot is mainly used to fix the stick.

When the sticks in the slot are rotated to the cutter position, the long sticks will be cut into several short toothpicks of equal length. After cutting, these short toothpicks will fall into the hopper below and be discharged through the outlet.

Various toothpick sizing machine
various toothpick sizing machine

Main advantages of using this toothpicks set-size machine

  1. The sizing specifications of the short toothpicks can be adjusted easily by adjusting the card slot width of the rotary cutter so that the customer can decide their own toothpick production details.
  2. The spare part of this toothpick making machine is the cutter, we can exchange the cutter with a new one when it is broken, or just sharpen it with an automatic sharpening machine when it gets dull.

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