Toothpick Sharpening Machine

automatic toothpick sharpening machine

The toothpick sharpening machine is used for sharpening one end or both of the two ends of the bamboo or wood sticks. This commercial toothpick processing equipment is very necessary for the toothpick production line for making bamboo toothpicks or wood toothpicks.

Technical parameter of the toothpick sharpening machine

NameToothpick Sharpening Machine
Size 950*650*1050mm
Commercial toothpick sharpening machine
commercial toothpick sharpening machine

Working principle of the toothpick forming machine

The main parts of the toothpicks sharpening machine include the sharpening device, feeding hopper, feeding belt and feeding wheel. The circumferential surface of the feeding wheel is evenly distributed with grooves for placing toothpick rods. There are a pair of cutter discs on both sides of the feeding wheel.

When the toothpick stick rotates with the feeding wheel, it gradually contacts with the feeding belt to press and contact with the cutter disc to complete sharpening. Under the toothpick sharpening device of the machine, a reverse rubbing mechanism is also installed, which can move it to the opposite running direction of the feeding belt. The automatic toothpick sharpening machine of the utility model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use, and high working efficiency.

Main features of the bamboo toothpicks sharpening equipment

  1. This multifunctional toothpick forming machine can not only be used for making one sharpened end toothpicks and two sharpened ends toothpicks but also can be used for processing chopsticks.
  2. This machine has high working efficiency for sharpening toothpicks, and it’s processing capacity up to 1600 pieces per minute when using in the toothpicks production plant.