Turkey toothpick machines were shipped

With the increasing use of toothpicks in life, its market demand is also increasing, which of course has also driven the development of toothpick machines. Shuliy’s new toothpick machines are being exported to more and more countries. Recently, we exported the entire set of wooden toothpick machines to Turkey.

What kind of wood can be used to make wooden toothpicks?

Our common toothpick products in life are mainly wooden toothpicks and bamboo toothpicks. Bamboo toothpicks are mainly made from dried bamboo. So what kind of wood is used for wooden toothpicks? What we need to know is that not all wood can be used to make toothpicks.

Based on many years of production experience, we have concluded that the suitable wood for making wooden toothpicks are: poplar, willow, eucalyptus, fruit wood, rosewood, peach, teak, ebony, etc.

Toothpicks made by the commercial toothpick machine
Toothpicks Made By The Commercial Toothpick Machine

Processing flow of wooden toothpicks

The wooden toothpick production line includes a total of eight machines, and its production process is mainly: woodcutting, woodblocks splitting, wood stick splitting, wood sticks chopping, wood sticks cut-to-length sawing, wood sticks polishing and sorting, wood sticks sharpening, toothpick packaging.

The entire wooden toothpick production line has an output of 600,000 pieces in 8 hours (2.2mm in diameter, 65mm in length, and a wooden toothpick with one end sharpened), requiring 3-5 employees.

Commercial toothpick machine plant
commercial toothpick machine plant

Details of the order for Turkey toothpick machines

The Turkish customer is an intermediary. He mainly looks for foreign suppliers of machinery for local customers. Therefore, he knows the rules of import and export very well, and it was smooth when discussing the toothpick machine with us.

The Turkish customer found three toothpick machine manufacturers. After comparing the conditions, he finally chose to cooperate with us. So why did he choose us? He told us that it was mainly his professional attitude that impressed him. He said that he can not only buy high-quality toothpick machines from us, but also have a detailed understanding of toothpick production knowledge, which will be of great help to his customers.

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