What are the special uses of toothpicks in life?

Toothpicks, no doubt, are mainly used to remove oral debris. The commercial toothpick production line is the choice of many toothpick manufacturers, which can produce high-quality toothpicks in large quantities. But is there any other use for toothpicks besides the function of picking teeth?

Knowledge of the toothpicks processing line

The fully automatic toothpick production line consists of a set of interconnected machines. The toothpick processing line can pass raw materials such as wood or bamboo, through a slicer, wood or bamboo sheets forming machine, ruler, grinder, toothpick ruler, toothpick double-point single-point sharpener, multi-purpose sharpener and other steps are processed into the finished toothpicks.

Other practical usages of the toothpicks in life

1.Clean the mobile phone charging hole

Oothpick for cleaning cellphone
oothpick for cleaning cellphone

Can’t charge your phone? Mobile phone charging hole has a lot of dust and is difficult to clean?

Don’t worry! Toothpick to help you solve!

First tear a small piece of double-sided tape, then tear it off and roll it around the end of the toothpick. Finally, stick the toothpick into the hole of the phone, which is difficult to clean, to clean the dust and stains. In this way, a small toothpick can easily solve the trouble of charging the mobile phone!

2. Use a toothpick to make tape sealing stickers

Toothpick for marking the sealing tape
toothpick for marking the sealing tape

Can’t find the sealing tape?

Did the tape seal find a tear but only half of it?

At this time, toothpicks can be very useful. Just seal the used up tape and stick it with a small toothpick. In this way, the next time you find the tape seal, it will be clear at a glance.

3. Use a toothpick to clean the hair in the gap of the curl comb

Toothpick for cleaning comb
toothpick for cleaning comb

Frequently use curling combs but neglect to clean?

The thick hair in the curl comb is difficult to clean?

Don’t be afraid! Just use a toothpick to reach into the hairbrush comb, and gently pick out all the hair in the comb, which is simple and convenient.

  • Soil moisture can be detected with a toothpick

Should the plants in my home be watered?

You can tell it with a toothpick. Insert the toothpick into the soil. If you don’t bring the soil with your toothpick, it means the soil is dry and you can water it. If a toothpick is inserted and soiled when it is pulled out, the soil is not deficient in moisture.