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wood slicer machine sheets making machine

The electric wood slicer machine, as well as the timber sheets making machine, which is the necessary equipment for making wood toothpicks in the wooden toothpick production line. This compact slicing machine can quickly cut all kinds of wood boards into small sheets within only several minutes and save a lot of labor work for processing the wood materials.

Technical parameter of the wood slicer machine

NameWood Sheets Slicer Machine
Size 1050*680*1050mm
Wood sheets slicer machine is in manufacturing
wood sheets slicer machine is in manufacturing

Wood slicing machine description

The wood timber slicer machine has a compact structure and strong practicality and is often used to process various wooden toothpicks. This multifunctional wood cutting machine is mainly composed of three parts: frame structure, cutting device and material conveying structure.  

Its frame structure is mainly the machine body, base (or universal wheel), motor and so on. The cutting device of the wood slicers is composed of multiple sets of rolling cutters and pressers. Its material transfer structure is a chain transmission mode. The belt is driven by a motor, and then the internal chain structure is driven to work.

How does the commercial timber sheets making machine work?

Commercial wood slicer for making wooden toothpicks
commercial wood slicer for making wooden toothpicks

Before using this automatic wood sheets making machine, the labor should cut the big wood blocks into small boards with the chainsaw or other tools. Then, add the small wood boards into the machine inlet.

The automatic presser will press the wood board tightly and convey it to the cutting device of the machine accurately. The rolling cutter of the wood slicer machine is placed horizontally in the middle of the conveying structure of the machine.

When the board passes through the cutting device, it will be quickly divided into several pieces of the same thickness. After the cutting is completed, the slivers are automatically conveyed to the discharge port of the machine.

Main features of the automatic wood slicer machines

  1. This wood sheets making machine is the first step for processing the wood materials in making wood toothpicks with the whole line for toothpick production.
  2. The final wood sheets have even size and thickness, so that can be used directly for the next processing step for making toothpicks, such as making wood sticks, wood stick sharpening and so on.
  3. As the professional toothpick machine manufacturer, we have all kinds of toothpicks processing machinery in stock, therefore, no matter what production capacities you want, we can provide complete solutions for you.