How much does it cost to invest in a small toothpick processing plant?

The toothpick machine’s investment cost is not high, but its return on investment is very high. Basically, the factory that produces wooden toothpick and a bamboo toothpick can repay their cost within six months, and the profit is rapid. So how to open a toothpick machine factory? Is the toothpick making machine price expensive? How much does it cost to invest in a toothpick manufacturing plant?

What you should know about toothpick production?

In fact, the production of toothpicks is not completed by one or two machines, but a complete toothpick production line is required to complete. Whether it is a bamboo toothpick production line or a wooden toothpick production line, multiple machines are needed to cooperate with each other to produce high-quality toothpick products.

Main components of the basic toothpick processing line

  1. Wood/bamboo chopping machine for cutting the big size of wood or bamboo into sections.
  2. Bamboo/wood slicing machine for stripping the wood sheets and bamboo sheets into round rods.
  3. Another small chopping machine is needed to cut the wood rods and bamboo rod into smaller sections.
  4. Then the polishing machine is required to polish these small wood or bamboo rods efficiently.
  5. The toothpick sharpening machine can help to sharpen one end or both ends of the wood sticks or bamboo sticks.
  6. The automatic toothpick packaging machine is the last step to pack these toothpicks.
Wood toothpick processing machines
Wood Toothpick Processing Machines

How much to invest in a small toothpick processing plant?

For most people who want to invest in the production of toothpicks, the first thing to consider is the production cost, investment budget and profit analysis of toothpicks. Several factors must be considered when considering the production cost formula of toothpick production equipment, labor costs, equipment costs, factory costs, and raw material costs.

For countries with higher labor costs, customers can choose a fully automatic toothpick production line, which can save a lot of labor costs. For countries with low labor costs, customers can consider choosing a semi-automatic toothpick production line. Many links in the production process can be replaced manually, saving the total investment of toothpick machine equipment.

The customer’s investment budget is also determined by the customer’s own conditions. Of course, as a professional toothpick machine manufacturer, we can also provide customers with corresponding profit analysis for free, and arrange small or large toothpick making machine price according to customer requirements. save costs.

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