How to make the bamboo sticks for the barbecue?

Barbecue has now become a favorite food of people in all countries. In addition to common meat barbecues, there are also barbecue vegetables, barbecue potatoes and so on. A barbecue stick is an essential accessory. The barbecue sticks can be made of iron, bamboo and wooden. Many investors always ask us this question: how to make the bamboo sticks for a barbecue? Today, we Shuliy toothpick machinery will give the answers here.

Why the barbecue sticks are made of bamboo?

With the increase in people’s awareness of environmental protection, the use of renewable bamboo to make barbecue sticks is becoming more and more common. The raw materials commonly used to make bamboo barbecue sticks are Moso bamboo, single bamboo and other kinds of bamboo species.

Bbq sticks made by shuliy machinery
bbq sticks made by Shuliy machinery

How to make the BBQ bamboo sticks?

To make the bamboo sticks for barbecue is similar to the production craft of making bamboo toothpicks. A whole set of BBQ sticks processing machines are needed when producing the high-quality barbecue sticks, and the main machines in this line include the bamboo sawing machine, bamboo stripping machine, bamboo sheets slicing machine, bamboo sticks forming machine, bamboo sticks sawing machine, bamboo sticks polishing machine and the sticks sharpening machine.

Based on the customers’ requirements for making barbecue sticks with different specifications, the cutting molds and sizing length can be adjusted freely. And the sticks can be processed with one sharpened end or two sharpened ends.

Commercial bbq sticks sharpening machine
commercial bbq sticks sharpening machine

How to wash the barbecue sticks?

Soak the barbecue skewers in warm water containing detergent for 5 minutes, then rub them by hand. Then remove them and soak them in water containing 84 disinfectant, rinse them with water a few times, and spread them out to dry.

1. Bamboo barbecue sticks should be thoroughly cleaned, and the bamboo sticks box should be cleaned regularly. The box where the barbecue sticks are placed is preferably a kind of box with good air permeability and large mesh so that the bamboo sticks do not fall.

2. Soak the moldy barbecue sticks with saltwater and scrub. After washing, pour a bit of vinegar on the bamboo sticks, let it dry in the sun, and then rinse with water to dry.

3. We must disinfect the BBQ sticks often, and put the unused bamboo sticks in a clean and ventilated place.