How to make toothpick meat?

Toothpick meat is a novel home-cooked dish. There are many types of toothpick meat, including toothpick beef, toothpick mutton, barbecue toothpick meat and so on. Usually, the toothpick meat is crispy on the outside, tender and delicious on the inside, bright in color, and has different flavors such as hemp, spicy, salty, and sweet, which is very suitable for the needs of different people. How is toothpick meat made? What are the common recipes for toothpick meat? Toothpick making machine manufacturer will give you satisfactory answers here.

What is the toothpick meat?

Toothpick meat is a very popular meat snack with simple methods and unique flavor. Toothpick meat is mainly processed with toothpicks and various meats. The meat used to make toothpick meat is generally mutton, pork, chicken, beef, etc. The basic method of making toothpick meat is to first stir the meat with seasonings, then skewer the meat with toothpicks, and then fry the skewered meat in an oil pan.

Professional bamboo toothpick processing line
professional bamboo toothpick processing line

Detailed steps to make toothpick meat

  1. First, we need to prepare a fresh and attractive pork chop. Because different people like to eat different textures, I like to eat pork ribs with only a little fat, so I recommend it here. Those who love fat meat can also choose different parts of pork according to their own needs. The toothpick meat made in this way can really meet your taste!
  2. After selecting the right meat, use a knife to cut the pork into small pieces of similar size. Bamboo toothpick making machine can produce high-quality toothpicks. It is best not to cut the meat too big, because there is a marinating process later, the meat is too big to cut into the taste! It can be cut into diced meat as shown in the figure below. It has been experimentally proven that diced meat of this site is really excellent when it is finally made into toothpick meat.
  3. After cutting the pork into diced pork, we can start the marinating step. This step can also be said to be the key to toothpick meat. Add the marinade, then add the right amount of water, and add some cumin and paprika to season. During the period, pay attention to the continuous stirring, so that the pork can taste more fully. As for the marinating time, it is best to marinate for more than half an hour and stir in time during this time, so that the full power of the marinade can be released while ensuring the delicious meat!
  4. After the meat is cured, we can skewer the meat one by one on a toothpick. You can string one or two pieces of meat on a toothpick according to your preference! If you need bulks of toothpicks, you can choose the toothpick production line for making wood toothpicks and bamboo toothpicks on a large scale.
  5. The last step is frying. Boil the oil in the pan. When the oil temperature is about 70% hot, put all the skewered toothpick skewers into the pan to fry the golden color. The frying time must be grasped in place. If the time is too short, it will not be cooked. When the kebabs are fried after being fried, place the kebabs on a clean sanitary napkin or lettuce leaves, and absorb the excess oil on the meat surface before eating.