Toothpick Polishing Machine

efficient toothpick polishing machine

The toothpick polishing machine is mainly used for polishing the wood toothpicks or bamboo toothpicks in the semi-automatic toothpick processing plants. This electric toothpick polisher machine can continuously rub the toothpicks with each other through continuous rotation to play the role of polishing. After polishing, the surface of the toothpicks is smooth and free of burrs.

Technical data of the toothpick polishing machine

NameToothpick Polishing Machine
Size 1050*1050*1200mm
Electric toothpick polishing machine
electric toothpick polishing machine

The main structure of the toothpick polisher machine

Usually, this electric toothpicks polishing equipment has a reasonable and compact structure. And it’s polishing chamber is always made of a wooden box with the hexagonal shape. Under this wooden polishing chamber, there is the machine frame, a motor and a pulley transmission device.

How does the toothpick polishing machine work?

Before using this polisher machine, we should prepare these wood sticks or bamboo sticks first. Usually, the sticks which are not sharpened will be polished by this machine before being processed for toothpicks. After cutting by the bamboo or wood stick set-size machine, these short sticks will be polished by this machine.

Toothpicks processing machines plant
Toothpicks Processing Machines Plant

The working process of the toothpick automatic polishing machine

1. open the cover of the polishing chamber and add bunches of sticks into the chamber.

2. start this machine for continuous rotation of the polishing chamber.

3. the polishing process of this machine will last about 3-5 minutes with continuous rotation.

4. when finished the polishing, stop the machine and open the cover, then pour out these sticks.

Application advantages of the automatic sticks polishing machine

1. The machine is exquisite in design and simple in structure and can be widely used in the production line of bamboo toothpick and a wooden toothpick.

2. The toothpick polishing machine is sturdy and durable, simple operation, low noise, can be operated by one person, high work efficiency and long service life.